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Dick Dutkiewicz
Born in Michigan
76 years
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"Sunday - Store closed, Church is open".Dick Dutkiewicz

This memorial website was created by Cathy, Rick, Larry, Steve, Margie, Ann, and Paula to remember our dear father and friend Dick Dutkiewicz who was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on February 21, 1930 and passed away on December 17, 2006 at the age of 76. Please add a brief "candle" or longer "condolence" message. In "shared memoirs" you can add longer stories and your own pictures. This will be an ongoing memorial as we find new material to add, so please save this page and return periodically.
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At New Dick's Market in Hillcrest Mall Dick Watching July 4th parade from Birman's front yard Dick at window At Krys and Rick's Wedding 1981 Dick, Bruce & Ann, Rusty Santa Dick? Rusty and Dick - What a team! Formal Rusty and Dick Dick and Kacz Dick & Great-Grandson Bryce Edward Merren (last picture) Dick & Rusty in July 4, 2004 parade for Dick's Market "50th" At Stacy & Eric's Wedding at Lanes Dick & Rusty at parade staging for July 4th Dick's Market "50th" float That's FOUR generations of Dutkiewicz guys (Chet, Jeremy, Rick, Dick) Dapper Dick in Tuxedo