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Dick Dutkiewicz
Born in Michigan
76 years
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Family Tree
Tom Northrup Friend of Rick, Krys and Steve December 29, 2006
I was terribly sorry to hear of the loss of your father. I never had the good fortune to meet the man, but thoroughly enjoyed reading all the stories and fond remembrances people had of him. I too grew up working with my father in a grocery store in Martin, and many of your memories sparked my own! It must have been pretty cool. God bless you, and know that you're part of something very special.
Bill & Mary Hildebrand A Christmas Wish Come True December 27, 2006

Rick & Krys,

We can't think of a better Christmas wish-come-true than to be in heaven, away from all the pain and suffering.  The hardest part is for those your father leaves behind.  Our prayers are with you all.

Dale Boysen Guitarman December 27, 2006

To all the Dukie's, sorry for your loss. I still remember invading the old store when getting the Tricks band up to speed. Amazing what parents will tolerate for their kids. Peace to all.


TJ Campbell Thanks for your kids December 23, 2006
I have enjoyed Rick and Steve's band since first hearing them in 2000. Thanks to Dick for instilling a sense of music and art in his children's lives.  I enjoy the friendship with Rick that started in 1999 and thank Dick (although, unfortunately, I never met him) for instilling ethics of hard work and public service/politics in Rick (and I am sure his other children). From what I have read Dick was part of what once made America great, self-ownership, self-reliance (with family help) and public service. I hope in the future my generation (I am 28 now) and the next will step up to the challenge again and re-make America into a great country of doers and not whiners. You will certainly be missed.
Sophie Pawloski-Radlinski Memories December 22, 2006

To the family of Mr. Dutkiewicz,


When I was little and my dad, Ed Pawloski had the shop in Dorr, he would send me to the store to get cookies, Dick would always scare me to death, I would run back to tell my dad and he would laugh and send me back. Reading the memoirs reminds me of my own dad.

John & LuAnn Stein our thoughts are with you December 21, 2006

Our deepest sympathy to you all.  Much love and prayers,







Marv A true friend December 21, 2006

Rusty,You have always been the gal for Dick.You see I know because i was there.He was always my friend.We had many good times.Vacationed together as very young men,Double dated,he had access to his dads car.You dont expect  these things but its in the books.Gods will be done.He left a fabulus legecy,many many friends.I will hold him dear as long as I live.   Marv                 

Kady and Frank Pawloski Pawloski Genealogist December 20, 2006
Keep your memories fresh.
Diana Canales & Frank Rangel Deepest Condolences December 19, 2006
Our Deepest Condolences to Rick, Krystal, and your entire family. You are a wonderful legacy to your Dad.
Becky Kruithoff (Merren) Love you and miss you December 19, 2006
Grandma, I'm so glad Grandpa got to see Bryce before he passed away. I know that ment a lot to A.J. & Jodi too. I wish I could be there with you guys during all of this. I love you and miss you all. Rick you did a great job with this memorial, Grandpa would be proud.
Tony Lee 12/19/2006 December 19, 2006
Uncle Dick you will be missed. I will always rember the fun times that keep us all smiling.  Rick the memorial site is really nice. Thanks.
John & Noreen Schnaubelt Prayers for all December 19, 2006
Uncle Dick lived longer than we all expected I think. God gave him extra time to continue to share his wisdom with friends and family. He had a plan. But that plan had an end, as the all do. An exit strategy. And Uncle Dick's exit was peaceful, as was he. Our thoughts and prayers are with Aunt Rusty and all our cousins, their spouses, and children, friends and family around the country (and world). Uncle Dick was a special man, always seemed happy and was fun to be around. We'll miss him, all of us, for he's left a void that can never be filled. Time will heal, but never completely, and we'll never forget what a wonderful man he was. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Dutkiewicz family. John and Noreen
Kadi Leiting (Schnaubelt) our thoughts are with you December 19, 2006

Aunt Rusty and Family,

Uncle Dick's long battle is over... I'm sure the eagles have come to raise him up on their wings.  We are thinking of you and praying for time to heal your painful loss and for God to welcome Uncle Dick into his kingdom. 

Much love, thoughts, and prayers,

Kadi and Jeff Leiting

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